Sometimes cooking homemade meals seems like an impossible task in an everyday very busy life and people resort to fast food drive-throughs or an unhealthy take out.  But guess what, there is no need to spend hours in the kitchen, slaving to make breakfast, lunch and dinner in order to make a homemade meal. There is a bounty of fresh, healthy and nutritious recipes that can be easily prepared in 10 minutes. Here  is 50 examples that eating home can be effortless and enjoyable. All those recipes are delicious and super easy and quick to make.


Rushing to get to work in the morning or packing your kids for school and think you do not have time to have a nutritious breakfast, think again.  Just toast a wholesome multigrain bread, spread organic peanut butter on it and top with the fruit like blueberries, strawberries or bananas. A complete meal balanced with carbs, protein and fiber. It is especially a huge hit with the kids since you can get creative and make funny animal faces using the fruit. It will be gone before  you will be able to make  yourself a cup of coffee.


Ran out of ideas how to impress your loved ones on a lazy Sunday morning and heading to the same coffee shop again. Turn around and get back in the kitchen. This timeless French breakfast classic is fantastic. Delicious croque-Monsieur will only take 10 minutes to make but will surprise you with wonderful flavors. Toasted  crispy French bread with savory, smoky ham and melty, nutty Swiss cheese. It is simply divine and will please even the most sophisticated palettes.


Avocado toast is a big thing right now. So get on that delicious wagon. Loaded with healthy fats, avocado is a true superfood. Combined with fiber rich wholegrain bread it will get you energized and ready to take on the world. Just a pinch of  sea salt on top of an added flavor and your toast is ready in less than 5 minutes.


Smoothies are great on the go options. Banana-berry smoothie not only looks appetizing and very pretty shade of purple it is also delicious and full of vital nutrients. Just a quick few seconds in the blender and a handful of fresh ingredients and you have a tasty, healthy breakfast on the go.


For those who are craving porridge but not really into the sugar overload first thing in he morning, there is an amazing savory alternative. A big bowl of cheese porridge is one of life’s simple joys: It’s warming and satisfying for the stomach  and soul. And it is made out of quick cooking millet with and addition of melty, pungent cheese.


Oatmeal is a breakfast staple. And there are  many wonderful quick cooking options out there. Jazz it up with good fats rich walnuts for an unexpected crunch with every bite and sweet, fragrant raisins. It is satisfying and is sure to keep you full all the way through lunch without that sugar crush.  Make with milk for your kids for a creamier, more flavorful oatmeal and sweeten it with maple syrup or brown sugar for a tasty breakfast delight.


Everyone loves pancakes for breakfast. I have and amazing shortcut for you. But  pre-made oatmeal pancakes that you can usually find in the freezer section, toast them in the toaster and amp up the flavors with your own creative toppings like Vermont maple syrup, fresh fruit, nuts or even chocolate chips for the little ones with a sweet tooth. The fiber in the oatmeal will balance out the sugar so you do not need to worry about the sugar rush.


Only using your microwave oven to make frozen dinners and warm up leftovers? You can actually cook so many quick and easy meal in it. Omelette in a cup is one of them. Just beat the eggs together with milk and in 2 minutes you have healthy and robust breakfast made in a flash. Add even more nutritional value by adding  your favorite chopped up vegetables.


Sometimes you just want to splurge and  feel special. Even if you only have 10 minutes of free time. So treat yourself to this amazing breakfast sandwich with the most incredible presentation. Yes it is delicious,  very appetizing and esthetically  eye pleasing. Combing all the staples like smokey, crispy bacon, crunchy toast and soft sunny side up egg that is embedded in the toast this breakfast essential is simply perfect.


Bread is really a life saver when it comes to making a quick breakfast when you are pressed for time. Another great idea is to spread cream cheese on to the toast and top with sliced bananas and just a touch of cinnamon. It is fast and satisfying.


Take advantage of the seasonal produce.  Grab those ripe fruits that are stocked up to the brim at the grocery store and get experimenting. This vanilla custard with pomegranate arils is light, sweet and tangy. Beautiful balance of flavors. Pomegranate is a superfood high in antioxidant and vitamin C and a perfect compliment to the custard. You can also add chia seed to boost the nutritional value even more.


Another great breakfast regular is a simple cheese omelet with vine-ripened cherry tomatoes. It is simplicity at its best. Just a few basic ingredients create a wonderful, protein rich morning meal.



Now let’s get working on our lunch recipes. Chicken wrap is a fundamental lunch. It is a complete meal of lean white meat chicken and a bounty of fresh veggies wrapped in a flour tortilla. Use a delicious creamy sauce like buffalo or ranch to give an average chicken wrap a new life.


Grab a quick snack with this delicious mouthfuls. Bruschetta is a traditional Italian appetizer of toasted bread with olive oil and herbs that is topped with refreshing tomato salad. Ricotta cheese creates a creamy layer while aromatic basil really adds to the complexity of  flavors. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar completes this classic Italian fare.


A hearty fresh salad is always welcome when it comes to lunch choices. Make this beautiful and vibrant offering by topping the bed of fresh lettuce with cooked chicken, sliced avocados and a light Caprese salad. Serve with Italian dressing and fresh bread.


There is nothing wrong with indulging in a creamy mushroom soup that you picked up at the nearby grocery store. It will take you hours to make it yourself. Garnish it with freshly chopped herbs and sautéed mushrooms.


Shrimp is the best when it comes to breezy cooking times.  Spicy shrimp skewers infused with garlic and citrus only take two minutes per side under the broiler or on the grill. They are plump and succulent, flavorful and tasty. Light but filling they are ideal for a quick lunch.


Nothing can beat a hearty chicken panini. Spread aromatic pesto sauce on the robust focaccia bread, add chicken and mozzarella cheese and leave in the panini press for a couple of minutes. The cheese will beautifully melt, melding the panini together.


Make adorable club sandwich rolls with comforting lavash bread. Savory smoky ham, cheese, lettuce and just a touch of light mayo complete the ingredient list. Simple, healthy and comforting.


Surprise you little ones with those cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped hot dogs. Talking about a guilty pleasure. Nothing healthy about them but they are heavenly. Savory, with melty cheese oozing out and a tight crispy bacon wrap. Serve with a side of broccoli and fell a little bit better.


Do not know what to do with the bounty of  zucchini you have in your garden? Fresh zucchini is actually extremely nutritious and tasty. Make this summer zucchini salad by thinly slicing them and tossing in a lemon, garlic vinaigrette.


Brunch for lunch anyone? Enhance an avocado toast by topping it with a poached egg and a splash of hot sauce for a spicy kick.


Take a shortcut by buying pre-made breaded squid (calamari) rings and then quickly baking or frying them. Serve with an array of dipping sauces for a fun, delightful lunch.


You do not need to wait for a special occasion to cook a baking sheet of Mac and cheese. Fill up a mug with your favorite boxed brand  mixed with milk , microwave and lunch is served.


Indulge in  a quick chicken and mushroom fricassee  and excite your taste buds. It might sound very elegant and fancy but it is as simple as  braising chicken in a cream sauce. The sauce is rich and silky and mushrooms add amazing, earthy, woodsy aroma to the dish.


Eggs are a great source of quality protein. That is why they are a wonderful choice not just for breakfast but also lunch or even dinner. They cook quickly and extremely versatile. You can make eggs as simple or as exquisite as you like. Fluffy, scrambled eggs with melty cheese are simplicity at its best.


Nothing can beat a scrumptious ham and cheese sandwich. You can maximum taste with minimum effort and time. Savory, smoky ham and pungent cheese are the best compliments to the fresh warm bread. Jazz it up with garden fresh tomatoes, peppery arugula and fragrant basil.


Surprise your kids with those bite sized miniature pizzas. Kids love finger food. Those delicious mouthfuls will be devoured in a blink of an eye. Simply top the buns with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and your favorite toppings for a delightful lunch.


Beets are a Powerhouse of nutrients and flavors. Make this beautifully vibrant beet salad with goat cheese and pine nuts. Just a few simple ingredients packs a huge flavor punch. The combination of textures and flavors  is unbeatable, soft, sweet beets, crunchy pine nuts and creamy, tangy goat cheese.


This simple greek flavors  inspired tomato and feta cheese salad is oh so simple but oh so tasty. The key is to make a quick homemade greek vinaigrette and use the freshest, organic tomatoes, to take the salad to the next level.


This salad is simply stunning. Rainbow of bright colors from the garden fresh vegetables and fruit is so appetizing that you can’t wait to dig in. Paired with savory smoked salmon, chopped green salad, kiwi, cherry tomatoes and almond this delicious offering is filled with healthy, nutritious ingredient to the brim.


Perfectly summery this simple green salad is topped with cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes. Olives and cheese add a ton of savory flavor to the mild, crispy fresh vegetables. It is a perfect combination. Serve with your favorite vinaigrette for a wonderful healthy lunch.


Pears and pomegranate arils are the stars of this quick and easy fruit salad, perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings. This salad is filling a great way to use ups all that seasonal fruit you have picked up at the grocery store.


Turn a handful of basic ingredients into something magical with this spicy carrot salad. The homemade asian inspired dressing adds a spicy kick with every bite, but nothing overpowering. Sesame seeds bring in a delightful crunch for a textural contrast.


Enjoy your favorite chicken nuggets without added calories from deep frying. Perfect bite sized chicken pieces are lightly breaded and baked in the oven instead. Serve with your favorite dipping sauces for a wholesome lunch. Those are great for making ahead and freezing for a quick and no fuss meal later.


Looking for an inexpensive but tasty option for lunch?  This salad “student” has potatoes, cucumbers, onion and chopped hot dogs all in creamy and tangy mayonnaise dressing. It is what the name implies, the salad is  affordable even for the tight budget students.


Smoked fish dip might sound fancy and something you would get at the seafood restaurant but is so easy to make at home. It is savory and very flavorful and pairs wonderfully with white bread crostini.


Tired of heavy, meat dominating dishes? Lighten up your lunch routine with vegetarian fare. Salads are great choices when it comes to lunch. You feel full but not overly stuffed and sluggish. This carrot with prunes salad is super healthy and gut friendly.  Radishes add some extra crunch with earthy, woodsy mushrooms pack a flavor punch.


Elegant Tartines with smoked salmon and avocado are a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Salty, rich salmon and creamy, nutty avocado are a match made in heaven Served on a crusty bread tartines they are heavenly.


Mozzarella cheese and vine ripe tomatoes go hand in hand in so many delicious dishes. Served over a bed of fresh greens they make for one tasty salad. Homemade vinaigrette  is the secret ingredient. Just a few basic ingredients that everyone has in their pantry or spice rack, but the result is a delightful tasty dressing that really amps up the flavors of the  salad.


If you are a deep-fried food enthusiast, you will love these mushrooms. They are crispy and beautifully golden brown on the outside and meaty and tender on the inside. Serve with dipping sauce for a light quick lunch.


Freshly grated carrot is combines with sweet tropical pineapple and crunchy celery  for a light, scrumptious salad. Serve alongside grilled chicken breast for a low carb, nutritious lunch.



Treat yourself to an afternoon tea with protein and healthy fats rich nut cake. Made with almonds, walnuts and cocoa powder it is rich and decadent. But also filling, just one small slice will keep your energy levels up all the way through dinner.


Cottage cheese with sweet strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries is a great dessert alternative. It is healthy and tasty. Cottage cheese is a great source of quality protein and fresh strawberries have tons of vitamin C. The best part is that there is no cooking involved. Just combine all the ingredients together and enjoy.


Nothing can beat cold, creamy fruit flavored ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. Take a break from a familiar strawberry and try tangy and delicious raspberry flavor. The pink color is pretty and very appetizing.


Have you ever had such a strong craving for chocolate cake that you’ll simply die if you don’t get a piece within five minutes? That’s where this little mug treat comes in! If you haven’t yet discovered the  joy of whipping up a 90-second chocolate cake in a mug, well, your life is about to change. Combine a handful of ingredients right in the mug and nuke in the microwave. You get you chocolate fix in less then 5 minutes!


Depp fresh, aromatic tangerines into a rich, dar, melted  chocolate and chill in the fridge for a quick, indulgent snack.


Broiled grapefruit with honey and cinnamon makes for an amazing snack that’s is a huge hit even with the kids. Juicy ruby red grapefruits and slightly charred with a drizzle of wild honey and a pinch of fragrant cinnamon. Yummy, simple and healthy.


This classic campfire dessert will take you back to the good times with your family. Relive those good memories and make banana boat  at home. Creamy banana stuffed with gooey marshmallows and  decadent chocolate.


Finish your work week with this refreshing and super delicious orange pomegranate cocktaiL.  It will help you unwind and relax after working long hours.

Bon appetit!