I am a huge fan of salads and there are a lot of salad recipes on this website. When the leaves start turning beautiful colors it is everything apple in my house. I love using in season fresh ingredients in cooking because they are the best. This apple salad recipe is fantastic. It is truly a perfect balance of sweet, and salty, acid and fat.

For the sweet component I use crisp apples and fruity pomegranate arils and delicious raisins, creamy yogurt dressing and sharp cheddar cheese are the fat/acid ingredients, fragrant celery, earthy spinach, aromatic walnuts and zesty red onions round up the ingredient list. Everything works together in the most harmonious way to create this wonderful fall salad.

It is everything you want in a salad. Wholesome, hearty and satisfying. It is also extremely nutritious, full of vitamins, minerals and gut friendly enzymes with all the fruits and vegetables that go into the salad.

And homemade yogurt dressing is phenomenal and really takes the salad to the nest level of deliciousness. With just three simple ingredients like organic greek yogurt, mayo and freshly squeezed lemon juice you can not even compare this fresh dressing to the store bought ones. You can also swap mayo for olive oil if this suits your palette better.

To turn the salad into the protein packed lunch simply add some grilled or boiled chicken. It only takes 15 minutes from start to finish to create this delicious salad. As easy as chopping some vegetables and throwing everything together.