Pasta is an excellent base for a multitude of salads. It has neutral taste, a texture that is perfect for salads, it absorbs the flavors excellently and is also a great filler. 

This bacon ranch pasta salad is a combination of rich homemade ranch dressing, lovely colored rotini pasta, fresh tomatoes and tangy black olives. It’s both colorful and aesthetically pleasing and delicious. An excellent dish to bring to parties.

The prep is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is boil the pasta and while it’s boiling, chop up the olives and the tomatoes. This recipe calls for raw bacon that you can fry in a skillet. This provides a great crunch to the salad. I also like using smoked bacon which I don’t have to cook, I simply cut chop it up. It’s not as crunchy as fried bacon, but the smoked flavor adds a little twist.

Other than that, feel free to experiment with additional ingredients. Other veggies will be great if added to this salad, such as cukes, green peas, corn kernels. You can try any combination of those. I hope you enjoy this recipe!