Very many pasta recipes include garlic, almost all of them do. Pasta by itself has very neutral flavor, so it’s basically up to the sauce, additional ingredients or dressing to provide flavor for a pasta dish. But can we rely on garlic alone for flavor, when it’s most often used as an additional herb?

The answer is, yes we can, and the result is simply mouthwatering. This garlic pasta has only a few ingredients, but they are so well fitted for each other that they need nothing else to boost the flavor.

The creamy, buttery pasta with garlic and only a bit of parsley and parmesan can be a side dish for practically anything, but it’s also a great meal on its own.

It’s cooked in one pot so you won’t have to do a lot of dishes afterwards. The length of cooking the pasta will depend on the kind of pasta you work with and will largely coincide with the instructions on the back of the box. But just in case, I always recommend first trying the pasta when cooking it together with the sauce, before removing the dish from the stove.

It’s important to add the cream as the last ingredient and not to let it boil. When it boils, it can get curdles or separated wich will ruin your sauce texture. Other than that, just follow the simple instructions below and enjoy!