Radiatore pasta is the perfect choice for dishes where you want each bite to become a burst of flavor. It’s ridged edges hold a lot sauce and stick well with other ingredients, so you can be sure that each forkful will me a delicious bit. 

This radiatore pasta, cooked in one pot with bits of bacon, parmesan cheese, veggies and greens, is just that. Every single bite is oozing the deliicious flavor. It’s also very pleasing to the eye and can be a perfect whip-it-quick dinner on a busy weeknight when you don’t really feel like cooking.

You can use either regular or smoked bacon. Fry it till it’ scrispy for the delightful crunch. As for the pasta, even if you cook everything in one pot, you can rely on your pasta box instructions for the timing. I still prefer to taste my pasta for readiness when I cook it in one pot and I like it al dente.

Radiatore is probably the best for this recipe, but fusilli or spirals will also do, so will penne, because these pastas can hold a lot of sauce and flavor in each little piece.

Serve this dish with a side of quickly tossed simple green salad for a wholesome meal that is both hearty and healthy. I hope you enjoy this recipe. Just follow the quick steps below.