If you prefer dark meat cuts to chicken breast, baked chicken legs are a great dinner option for you.  They are still lean, they are cheaper than white meat, they are very moist and they are suitable for a variety of dinner options.

Method Time
Chicken legs only 30 minutes at 380F
Chicken leg quarters 1 hour at 380F
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You can follow regular baked chicken recipes for a stand alone dinner dish, you can use left overs for salads by mixing them with other ingredients.

So, how much time does it take to bake chicken legs properly? This will depend on a few factors. First, whether you’re baking only legs or chicken leg quarters, that is, leg and thigh together.

If you’re only baking the legs, it will take about 30 minutes at the temperature of 380F for them to cook completely. The exact timing might depend on how many legs you bake and on their size. Free range chicken legs are usually leaner and smaller than broiler chicken legs.

If you’re baking chicken leg quarters, this may take up to an hour. It’s also recommended that you increase the temperature to 425F for about 5-7 minutes before serving. This way you will have delicious golden crispy crust on your chicken legs.

Here’s another tip for you to cook your chicken legs with a golden crust – mix a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with salt and pepper in a cup and rub the mixture into the chicken leg skin. Leave for 5-7 minutes before you start cooking. Other than that, just follow the instruction in your recipe of choice.

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