Everyone loves grilled corn on the cob, but not everyone knows that for the corn kernels to be soft, tender and creamy, you better boil it first before you grill it.

Method Timing
Boiled for grilling 7-10 minutes
Boiled for eating 13-15 minutes
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Corn on cob is a great side dish and a traditional grilling cook out food. There are several methods to making it tender, the easiest one is boiling it before you grill it. It takes very little prep time. You simply clean ears of corn of any leaves, break the big ones into two halves if needed and place them in boiling water with sugar, a tablespoon of salt and vinegar, depending on the recipe you follow.

Make sure you have proper cookware, as corn is pretty large and if you’re cooking for several people, you will need a large pot.

So how long exactly will it take to boil corn?

If you’re boiling it to make it softer for grilling, it will take about 7-10 minutes on high in boiling water.

If you are boiling it to eat with butter and salt, add about 5 minutes to that timing. Don’t forget that it’s better to serve corn while it’s hot, because cooked corn on the cob will have dried and shriveled kernels if you keep it out for a long time. Either keep it in hot water or milk, or warm it up later.

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