Boiling an egg seems like one of the most trivial things you can do around the kitchen. And still, when it comes to details, many people are at a loss about how long it takes to boil eggs for this or that purpose. 

Method Time
Eggs with a runny yolk 1 minute after water boils
Eggs with medium soft yolk 3-4 minutes after water boils
Hard boiled eggs 7 minutes after water boils
Have any special tricks for boiling eggs? I’d love to hear them!

Depending on your recipe of choice and what you are cooking there are several ways to boil eggs. Here’s a quick guide. If you’re boiling eggs for breakfast and you want the yolks runny, cook them on high for 1 minute after the water boils. If the eggs are large, add 30 seconds more or so. 

Now, if you need your eggs solid for a salad or a cookout, boil them for at least 7 minutes after the water boils.

If you like your boiled eggs with a yolk slightly soft inside, but not too runny, the time it takes for them to get into this condition is about 3-4 minutes, depending on the egg size and the overall temperature your stove can produce. So, it might take a couple of tries for you to check your stove capabilities.

A little tip on how to make egg peeling easier: after they’re cooked, put them in very cold water for a couple of minutes. This way, when you’re peeling them, the whites won’t stick to the egg shell. 

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