Salmon is one of the most popular fish kinds out there. It’s lean, it has a distinct flavor, it’s packed full of important nutrients such as essential fatty acids and it makes for a perfect dinner. 

Method Timing
Cubed, cooked in boiling water, for soups 1-2 minutes
Filet or steaks, baked in oven 10-15 minutes at 450F
Grilled 3-4 minutes per side in direct heat
Baked in foil 15-20 minutes or more
Smoked up to 4 hours
Have any salmon cooking tips and care to share? I would certainly love to hear them!

Cooking salmon may seem intimidating, but the fact is, it’s quite easy. Depending on your recipe and your method of cooking,  the timings for when your salmon is done, can be different.

If you’re oven baking, broiling or grilling salmon, the safe temperature of the meat inside, when the salmon is done, is 145F. Is’t best to have a kitchen thermometer at hand. If you stick it in the thickest part of meat, the temperature it shows will be the one you need. 

If you do no prep for your salmon except for maybe sprinkling it with salt and pepper, the timings for cooking are the following.  It will take 1-2 minutes for salmon to be done if you cut it into cubes and place it in boiling water, when you cook miso soup or any other kinds of soup.

If you’re baking salmon open in an oven, it will take 10-15 minutes without foil at 450F, depending on your cut size. A little less for steaks and a little more for thick large pieces of filet. 

When grilling salmon on an outside grill, allow about 3-4 minutes per side for it to be properly cooked. May take a little longer with indirect heat and if your salmon steak size is bigger.

When baking salmon in foil, with veggies, it will take about 15-20 minutes for it to cook, a bit longer if you’re cooking a very large portion or an entire fish filet.

Now, if you keep your salmon marinated for a while prior to cooking, it will take a little less time. 

Have a mind to smoke your salmon? It will take up to four hours in a smoking chamber if you have one, or on a very low grill or next to an open fire with smoke, and you will have to marinate it first.

Cooked salmon can be served immediately after it’s done or cold. If your salmon is undercooked, the meat will be glossy and rubbery and won’t flake. But if it’s overdone, the meat will flake too easily and will have a dried out look. 

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