Grilled chicken is a favorite dish of so many people around the world. There are plenty of recipes in many cuisines that use grilled chicken meat. It’s lean, it’s delicious, it has a delightful smokey smell after being cooked over an open fire.

Method Time
Thighs, legs, boneless 7-10 minutes per side, over direct heat
Things, legs, bone in 30-40 minutes over indirect heat
Breast, boneless 8-11 minutes per side, over direct heat
Breast, bone in, skin on 40 minutes over indirect heat
Wings 20 minutes over direct heat, turning sides
Whole chicken up to 2 hours
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But how long do you grill chicken if you cook it at home? There are a few things that factor in, the most important being the timing, the way your chicken is cut and the heat your grill can produce.

The difference between cooking red meat and chicken meat is this: chicken meat cannot and shouldn’t be served even slightly raw. First of all, undercooked chicken meat may pose a danger of salmonella poisoning and second, it’s just not great to taste.

Depending on whether you’re cooking chicken bone in and skin on, or filets, the time will also be different. If you’re cooking bone in, always add more time, because it takes additional time for the meat fright next to the bone to cook. Boneless chicken thigh and leg meat will take about 7-10 minutes per side over direct medium heat. Bone in, thighs and legs will take about 30-40 minutes over indirect heat.

As for chicken breast, 8-12 minutes for boneless variety over direct heat and 40 minutes for bone in, skin on kind, cooked over indirect heat. Add a few  more minutes if your chicken breasts are large.

If it’s chicken wings you’re grilling they will be done in 18-20 minutes over direct heat. Make sure you’re turning them from side to side a few times.

If you’re grilling a whole bird, it’s best be done in an oven grill or on a spit. It will take up to 2 hours depending on the temperature in your grill and the size of your chicken. It’s best if you are using an instant meat thermometer if you’re cooking the whole chicken. When it’s ready, the meat temperature at the thickest part (inside breast or thighs) should be about 175F. Also do check that the juices run clear.

Just in case, turn the heat on low or off completely and allow the chicken to sit a while.

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