Do you often eat hard boiled eggs? Your answer will probably be – um… actually never, but if you think about it, you actually do. You probably just don’t eat hard boiled eggs straight, so to say, but you actually eat them aplenty in other everyday dishes.  

Method Timing
Hard boiled on a stove 10-12 minutes after water boils
Medium soft to hard boiled on a stove 5-6 minutes after water boils
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If you’re cooking a salad, even something as easy as chefs green tossed salad, you usually have your hard boiled eggs there. I’m not even starting on something as common as egg salad or potato salad, those things that we have on sandwiches every day. 

So, how long does it take to hard boil an egg? Is there any specific method to it?

First, there’s hard-boiled and then there’s hard-boiled. Meaning that there are various stages, all of them are considered hard boiled eggs and it may take anywhere between 5 to 12 minutes on high to cook them, depending on whether your eggs are large or small and how your stove works.

5 being soft yolk, almost too soft and 12 being hard, powdery yolk bordering overcooked. It might take a few times for you to find your perfect state of a hard boiled egg and get used to your stove, its temperature and speed of cooking.

I absolutely recommend using a timer. Once you know your stove, all it will take is to set the timer and forget all about the eggs till it goes off.  

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