Fresh broccoli is one of the best vegetables out there. It’s chock full of all sorts of good nutrients, it’s taste is quite neutral so it can be used in many various dishes and recipes and it’s very easy to cook. Broccoli fills you up without packing too many calories and is an excellent side dish for any main course.

Method Timing
Broccoli steamed in a steam bath 5-7 minutes
Broccoli steamed in microwave 4-5 minutes
Broccoli steamed in boiling water 3-4 minutes
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The most popular and simple method of cooking broccoli is steaming. It can be done in microwave, over a water bath, in an electric steamer, there are very many options. Steamed broccoli can be eaten without any seasoning. Alternatively, you san add salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar or your favorite dip.

But how long does it take to steam broccoli so that they are not overdone or undercooked, crispy enough, not too watery?

Here are a few useful tips and tricks to steaming broccoli to perfection. You should always start with dividing broccoli into smaller florets, about 2 inches in size. This way they will retain aesthetic beauty and will be about bite size.

If you are cooking broccoli over a water bath, it will take about 5-7 minutes, depending on how much broccoli you’re steaming at once.

Broccoli can also be steamed in a microwave and it will take about 4-5 minutes on high for them to be really and nicely done. If you are steaming broccoli by placing florets in boiling water with a dash of salt added, it will take about 3-4 minutes.

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