Baked potatoes are one of favorite dinner side dishes. There are so many nice recipes using them. But it takes a lot of kitchen time to bake one usually.

Method Time
Baking whole potatoes in oven 1 hour
Baking halved potatoes in oven 40 minutes
Baking potatoes in microwave 8-10 minutes
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How long it takes to make a homemade baked potato? It depends on a few things. First, if potatoes are in season, it will take significantly longer before they are cooked, because they don’t yet have so much starch as potatoes that have been kept for a couple of months.

Baking a regular size potato, whole, not cut in half, will take about 1 hour with your oven temperature set to 400 F. If you want to cut that time but about 15-20 minutes, half the potato, rub it with salt and wrap in foil. Then, after about half an hour of baking, remove the foil. Potatoes will have a golden crust, which makes for a lovely picture.

There’s another way of making baked potatoes using a microwave. Microwave oven cooks potatoes much faster, at about 8-10 minutes, set on high. You have to keep in mind though, they won’t really be baked. The texture will be more similar to if you were cooking them with water, skin on.

When a potato is baked, you can use a variety of ingredients as a topping. Butter, sour cream, veggies, chicken, bacon, you name it. 

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