Baked sweet potatoes are a such great and simple way to bring a bit of difference to your dinner menu and an awesome side dish. Another great thing about them is that they also taste good when they are served cool, so you won’t have to be making lunch the day after if you have leftovers.

 Method Time
Baked in oven, whole 1 hour
Baked in oven, halved 40 minutes
Baked in microwave 8-12 minutes
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Here are a few useful tips and instructions on how long it takes to make them. Sweet potatoes are softer in texture than regular one, so it usually takes a little less to bake them. However, they are also much larger in size than regular potatoes. One sweet potato can make up to 4 servings if you cut it into 4 quarters before baking.

They require little prep. Wash them, remove dots, garnish with salt, if desires (they are sweet, after all) and olive oil, wrap in foil and bake. If you’re baking a whole potato, it will take about one hour to bake it. Set the oven temperature to 350F. If you cut it into 2 parts, cook it for about 40 minutes. Use the fork to check whether it’s tender. Open the potato up before serving if you were baking it whole.

You can also have it cooked in a microwave. It will take about 8-12 minutes on high for it to cook, depending on the size of the potato.

After the potato is done, it only takes a few ingredients to make a complete meal out of it. There are plenty of easy recipes out there, you can choose any, depending on cuisine you’re more inclined to.

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