Bakes potatoes are everyone’s beloved side dish. We do them regularly. They are both a part of our midweek meals as well as holiday dinners.

 Served with salt and pepper or with melted butter and sour cream, or with any other filling you can think of, they are delicious. It’s best to bake potatoes in foil for at least an hour, give or take, depending on the potato size. Foil is necessary to prevent the outer parts from overcooking.

Even though baking potatoes seems like an simple matter, it’s quite easy to make mistakes. You need to be careful when baking, fresh potatoes may take a surprisingly long time to bake. Uncooked or undercooked potatoes will be hard, crispy and have a distinctly starchy flavor.

I prefer to bake large size potatoes mostly because generally they are more starchy and turn out very soft when they are baked.

The instructions on how to bake potatoes are very simple and you can find them below. Know of any potato baking secrets? I’d love to hear them.

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