Sometimes a simple dessert is just not what you’re looking for and you need something a bit more complex and unusual to satisfy the craving. Or maybe you just can’t pick between your two fave desserts?

This pecan pie cheesecake is basically a love child of a traditional vanilla cheesecake and old-fashioned pecan pie, both of which being very close to the top on my fave desserts list.

And if you thought these two can’t be combined together, let me tell you, they go together magically well. See for yourself!  

Cheesecakes usually do take a bit of time, effort and experience to bake, but they are so, so absolutely worth it. Once you find your way around baking cheesecakes, you’ll never have to go to a bakery and chuck out big bucks to get your cheesecake fix, because for all they cost a fortune in bakeries, they are actually very inexpensive to make in terms of ingredients. 

Pecan filling and topping are even easier, so, as a result you have an absolutely out of this world delicious combination. The cheesecake is fluffy and soft, and the pecans add a lovely crunch. The combo  of vanilla, cinnamon and pecan flavors is something to die for.

Serve this cake… whenever and wherever, honestly. If you want to plan a special dessert surprize or to impress someone with your cooking skills, this is the ‘it’ recipe for things like that. It’s worth every minute you sweat over making it. Just follow the walkthrough below and I hope you enjoy both baking and eating it!