Treat yourself to a delicious chicken pot pie that is ready in 30 minutes. Sounds like sorcery right, but with the magic of an instant pot everything cooks three times faster, and it is almost as easy as dump everything in an instant pot and leave.

Chicken pot pie is an ultimate comfort food, like a warm hug in a pot. Cozy and nourishing it is also a complete meal filled to the brim with protein rich chicken breast and colorful veggies. Everyone loves chicken pot pie, kids and adults. You can never go wrong with this delicious dish.

This Instant pot version is not really your classic pot pie but the flavors are all there. Chicken is cooked in a delicious broth and milk together with potatoes, carrots, onions and frozen peas. The sauce is thickened with flour and butter mixture. The filling can be served with biscuits, pie crust or croissants on the side.

Even thought this is not the traditional chicken pot pie it tastes amazing and you do not need to spend hours in the kitchen at the hot stove to enjoy your favorite comfort food.

The pie mixture is creamy and buttery, savory and very delicious and satisfying. Because it is so easy to make with just a handful of basic ingredients I make it all the time, especially during the colder weather months. With the convenience of an instant pot I get to eat my favorite chicken pot pie that is also ready in a flash.

Follow the simple steps below to make chicken pot pie in an instant pot from scratch.