Surprise your guests with this amazing chocolate martini. It is a perfect alcohol drink to serve at any party when you want something unusual and excited.

If you think that it is too difficult, let me overpersuade you. This chocolate martini recipe is super easy to make and takes just 5 minutes from start to finish. And it makes with only five ingredients such as ice, chocolate liqueur, Crème de Cocoa, vanilla vodka and milk. But the result is a delicious sweet drink all chocolate lovers would like.

You can decorate this drink with grated chocolate, chocolate syrup or cocoa sugar rim before serving to make it look even more attractive.

This recipe is one of my favorites when I need something delicious and extraordinary for special occasions. You can also experiment with this chocolate martini recipe! Try to add some Irish Cream or mint chocolate syrup or substitute one ingredient with another you like more.

But, please, do not substitute vanilla vodka with classic or other vodka. It really gives this drink a special taste and flavor and helps to combine the entire ingredients of the recipe.

So have fun with this terrific chocolate martini, I hope you like it!