What can be better than a combination of chocolate and mint? It seems like these ingredients were just made to be together! And in this recipe they are.

This homemade dish is just a piece of summer in form of mint chocolate ice cream. It is so creamy, yummy and refreshing! Mint with dark chocolate create a stunning combination of flavors so this dessert is going to blow you away.

And it is very easy and quick to prep. All you need is to whip the cream, then add condensed milk, peppermint extract, salt and chopped chocolate to the cream, mix well and freeze it until hard. That’s all! Making this dish takes just 15 minutes excluding freezing, but the result is super delicious! This ice cream recipe will definitely stay in your recipe book for long.

If you want to give this mint chocolate ice cream some color, add 1 drop of Kelly green icing color.

Serve this dish with chocolate syrup and mint leaves to make it look even more appetizing. You can also serve the ice cream in homemade chocolate bowls if you really want to surprise your guests. Good luck with this recipe, hope you enjoy it!