These little chocolate covered cherries will be a great addition to every holiday party. They are so sweet and tasty and just satisfying! If you are looking for a perfect dessert recipe, don’t go away, I have something terrific for you.

This homemade chocolate covered cherries recipe is very easy to prepare despite the large number of steps. Do not let them fool you. It takes some time to make the cherries, but the result is super delicious and can impress even the most fastidious gourmets.

Also, you need just 4 ingredients such as jar maraschino cherries, softened butter, powdered sugar and candy melts or even chocolate chips to make these yummy cherries. So convenient. You can easily buy them at the grocery store.

If you are going to use chocolate chips, add two teaspoons of shortening to them while they are melting.

The hardest part in this recipe is to wait for the cherries to be ready. Everything else is just a breeze. So, I hope you and your friends will enjoy this chocolate covered cherries recipe as much as I do. Good luck!