This terrific chocolate chess pie is something between a brownie and pudding pie. In my opinion, it tastes much better than both of them! Crunchy pie crust and creamy, buttery chocolate filling make a perfect combination of tastes, flavors and textures. It is very chocolate-y and just made for true sweet tooth.

An espresso powder in this recipe helps to build an extra chocolate taste and flavor to the chocolate chess pie.

And it is so easy and quick to make! It less than an hour you can bake a rich, luxurious chocolate pie that can please the entire family. You can make your favorite pie crust for this recipe but also you can use a store-bought. Skipping making the crust saved me much time to do something more enjoyable. And it saved me when I really was out of time but still wanted to do something delicious.

Serving this dish is one of my favorite parts in this recipe! It goes well with vanilla or chocolate (for true choco-lovers) ice cream, whipped cream, any favorite syrups and of course with melted chocolate! It is just a labor of love. But do not think that it is a required step. This meal can be easily served on its own because it is super tasty! And looks so appetizing on the plate. It will be simply perfect for special occasions when you want to surprise your guests with something yummy and beautiful. Enjoy!