Chicken marinara is a tomato based sauce with an addition of chopped chicken breast. It is a great alternative when you need something more substantial then just a bowl of pasta with the tomato sauce. Protein rich chicken breast adds more nutritional value to this classic Italian sauce, it will keep you full and satisfied longer, and give you more energy to go on with your daily tasks.

This easy chicken marinara sauce is extremely versatile and can be used anywhere from simply topping your favorite pasta or using it in a more complex recipes in place of the store-bought, jarred variety.

Seriously once you try this quick and tasty made from scratch sauce it will be hard to go back to the non homemade one. Only a handful of simple ingredients like chicken, tomatoes, garlic, onion and olive oil fresh and dried herbs. The result is flavorful, aromatic red sauce with chicken that is simply delicious.

Quick and wholesome sauce that has an unbelievably well rounded flavor and a great texture. Tomato pairs wonderfully with delicately tasting chicken. It is like a healthier version of the bolognese that is made with chicken.

Serve the chicken marinara over your favorite pasta variety paired with a green salad or vegetables for a complete meal that the whole family will love.

Follow the steps below to make easy chicken marinara.