Give a new life to an ordinary chicken breast and wrap it in bacon, because everything is better with bacon. Let’s be honest, plain chicken breast is not the most exciting meal choice. Yes, it is healthy and everything but plain and bland.

Chicken breast meat has vey subtle taste and always benefit from pairing it with other more dominant, bold flavored ingredients.

That is why chicken breast and bacon are match made in heaven. Chicken is infused with delicious, savory and smoky bacon flavor and bacon also acts like an insulator keeping chicken moist and juicy.

This bacon wrapped chicken breast recipe is definitely a keeper, very easy to make with just a handful of ingredients but very flavorful and tasty.

Paired with homemade honey mustard sauce the chicken is to die for. To make it is a complete breeze, season the chicken breasts, wrap them in bacon slices and brush with a mixture of dijon mustard and honey. Bake on high for about 20 minutes and voila delicious dinner is ready.

Serve bacon wrapped chicken with your favorite sides like mashed potato and vegetables for a complete meal. This chicken is always a hit, it has a perfect combination of savory and sweet flavors. Honey helps to caramelize the bacon beautifully really taking this chicken dish to the next level of deliciousness.

Follow the easy steps below to make bacon wrapped chicken breast.