Chicken Manchurian is a delicious Indo Chinese recipe consisting of crispy battered, deep fried  pieces of chicken coated in a sweet, spicy and tangy brown or red sauce. It is very popular in restaurants but with this recipe you can easily recreate it at home.

The main flavor and color of this dish is attributed to the red chili sauce and ketchup when the rest exact ingredients vary from chef to chef. Chicken Manchurian  is beautiful red and appetizing, hot and spicy all thanks to the dominant flavor of the red chilies. Other spices and aromatics like ginger, garlic and green onions  help building the complex and intense flavors of this dish.

Chicken is coated with a flavorful batter made with flour, cornstarch, soy sauce and eggs and then deep fried till beautiful amber brown and perfectly crispy on the inside. The meat stays moist and tender in the inside.

Sauce is a stellar concoction of ketchup, soy sauce and red  chili sauce. It is tangy and sweet, and the balance of flavors in this recipe is very harmonious, just make sure to follow the exact proportions and ratio of the ingredients.

The dish in the restaurants has a bright red hue mostly due to the food coloring. I omit it in this recipe but you can add it if you wish.

Serve Chicken Manchurian with your favorite Chinese side dishes like fried rice, noodles or vegetables for a low carb option. Follow the steps below to make chicken Manchurian.