Bold and delicious chimichurri chicken is bursting with fresh flavors in your mouth like a confetti. Tender and flavorful chicken thighs are marinated in a stunning emerald green sauce and grilled to perfection creating delicious charred flavor and  beautiful grilled marks. It is served with more sauce on top and any of your favorite sides.

Chimichurri is a traditional uncooked sauce that is originated in Argentina and Uruguay. It is oil based and made with fresh vegetables and herbs. The sauce authentically is just chopped herbs and vegetables loose on oil. It has to be this chunky delicious concoction dripping of your  chicken.

The sauce is bright green, phenomenally fresh and the smell is just heavenly. It is herby, with a little spicy kick, definitely garlicky and slightly tangy. Potent flavored but pairs wonderfully with chicken  really  amping up the flavors.

And it will become a regular accompaniment to your favorite grilled steak, chicken or fish. There is an amazing chimichurri recipe on  this blog.

Even though traditional chimichurri sauce is a condiment served along side the meats, it really works  also as a marinade for the chicken in this particular recipe.  It helps tenderizing the chicken and adds more flavor to the meat.

You can use both breasts and thighs whatever suits your personal palette, but I find  skinless, boneless  chicken thighs to be more flavorful and fuss free, they are impossible to mess up due to the higher fat content.

Follow the steps below to make delicious grilled chimichurri chicken.