Who doesn’t like pies? We absolutely love pies and have collected a wonderful assortment of recipes for these baked goodies. Come and see for yourself!

Pumpkin Pie 🍰

Pumpkin pie is a dish almost no fall festivities can do without. Try this recipe for a foolproof, delicious and beautiful pumpkin pie variety. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Cherry Pie 🍰

A timeless classic made simple. This cherry pie can be made with frozen cherries and store bought pie crust and it will taste absolutely decadent. A perfect dessert for holiday season!

Apple Pie 🍰

A traditional apple pie recipe with all the secrets to make it absolutely perfect uncovered. A great dessert for an apple season!

Lemon Meringue Pie 🍰

This Lemon Meringue pie is soo good, we never have any leftovers and actually fight over the last piece. The combination of fresh lemony filling, flakey crust and softest fluffy meringue is perfect!

Chocolate Meringue Pie 🥧

This chocolate meringue pie is a southern classic. Tender pie crust  is filled with luxuriously rich chocolate filling and fluffy and airy meringue. A truly unbeatable combination.


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