Check out our best recipes for scallops – and won’t ever be afraid of cooking seafood again. From soups to grills, we’re sure there’s a recipe that is perfect just for you.

Bay Scallops 🍥

This is a very easy and delicious recipe for bay scallops with garlic parsley butter sauce. It is incredible, quick to prepare but tastes like you went all out. A restaurant quality dish that requires a fraction of work.

Broiled Scallops 🍥

This broiled scallops recipe is incredibly easy . Plump, fresh scallops are tossed with butter and fresh parmesan cheese and  broiled  to perfection. Just a few minutes under a broiler and you have mouthwatering scallops with a perfect caramelized, golden crust on the outside that are  juicy and tender on the inside.

Grilled Scallops 🍥

This grilled scallops recipe is incredibly easy. With summer approaching everyone wants to be outside grilling as much as possible. What about taking a break from a prosaic  grilled chicken or steak and be creative and adventurous and grill  delicious  scallops instead.

Fried Scallops 🍥

This recipe is a foolproof method for  cooking  scallops to the ultimate, caramelised perfection. Creamy, browned butter, tart lemon and white wine help to intensify the overall delicate flavors of scallops. High heat while searing created a tempting and appetizing golden crust keeping all the moisture inside the scallops. They are fork tender and irresistible.

Scallops And Pasta 🍥

There is something magical about scallops-they are slightly sweet and buttery. The soft and springy texture is decadent – and they melt fabulously on your tongue if cooked just right. Scallops have a very delicate mild flavor that pairs well with almost anything. I love an amazing pasta dish and seafood pastas are my guilty […]

Baked Scallops 🍥

This  baked scallops recipe is a perfect idea for any seafood enthusiast, like me. It is very simple, versatile and absolutely delicious. Plump fresh scallops are baked in a savory and tangy 5-star lemon-butter sauce and topped with freshly grated parmesan and crunchy panco bread crumbs.


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