Scallops can make any meal feel totally fancy and indulgent, with the added bonus that they cook in minutes with very little effort. There’s a wide variety of scallop species. But the the most common, broad two groups of this tasty mollusk are bay scallops and sea scallops. Aside from size, there’s a big difference in the taste and texture between bay scallops and sea scallops. Sea scallops are snowy white, big and plump with sweet, buttery taste and chewier texture. Bay scallops are small, between 60-100 mollusks per pound, have pink to light beige color with more delicate, tender texture and sweeter taste.

Because of their small size, bay scallops benefit from a short cook and gentle method of preparation, like poaching or a quick sauté. Just pay attention-bay scallops cook quickly, so keep an eye on the pan while cooking bay scallops to avoid a rubbery texture.

This is a very easy and delicious recipe for bay scallops with garlic parsley butter sauce. This bay scallop recipe is incredible, quick to prepare but tastes like you went all out. A restaurant quality dish by one of the best bay scallop recipes that requires a fraction of work. Serve it with toasted bread or over freshly boiled pasta to guarantee comfort to you and your guests. Simple, basic ingredients like creamy butter, fragrant garlic, crisp white wine, spicy cayenne, fresh aromatic parsley and tart lemon juice all come together to create this truly irresistible dish.

Here is an answer on how to cook bay scallops. Rinse mushy scallops and dry them. Heat olive or canola oil up, gently place drained scallops into large pan, they must be steamed harder, but not fried. Do not sear them! You can easily make it, but you need to properly turn scallops on the saucepan bottom with spatula on other sides. Avoid leaving them!

Use a pair of tablespoons cloves or other seasoning, take chopped greens, cut vegetables, minced eggs for salad, cook pasta

Everyone instantly serves them unsalted after cooking. First spread clean tablecloth, evenly sprinkle the dish with tablespoon of lemon juice and salt after serving. They shouldn’t be very salty.

When you cook with wine, you’re concentrating the wine flavors and evaporating most of the alcohol. Wine will really intensify the flavors of the sauce. Parsley adds an unbeatable freshness and cayenne pepper brings an exciting spicy kick to every bite. The sauce is a powerhouse of flavors and small bay scallops are fork tender, melt in your mouth goodness. No one can resist this fantastic, tasty dish! Enjoy.