This broiled scallops recipe is incredibly easy. Plump, fresh scallops are tossed with butter and fresh parmesan cheese and broiled to perfection. Just a few minutes under a broiler and you have mouthwatering scallops with a perfect caramelized, golden crust on the outside that are juicy and tender on the inside. It is a perfect suggestion for any seafood enthusiast. It is very simple, versatile and absolutely delicious. Definitely worthy of a company.

The broiling cooking technique is fail-proof. Just coat scallops in creamy melted butter and savory grated parmesan and broil. No need to turn them around. And I do not add breadcrumbs so this recipe is gluten free and low carb.

I also add cayenne pepper to the coating for a powerful flavor punch. Just a dash goes a long way and if you are not into spicy flavors you can omit it. Many people think cooking scallops at home is intimidating and order them out in the restaurants instead. But in reality scallops are very easy to make in the comfort of your own home. They can be baked, broiled, seared to golden perfection and grilled with beautiful grilled marks!

This culinary delight makes for an exquisite appetizer for any occasion or could be a mouthwatering main dish. Scallops are a perfect compliment to many sides. They pair wonderfully with almost anything from pasta to rice to most vegetables. This dish served as an appetizer with crusty grilled bread is just out of this world fantastic. A real treat.

Scallops are similar to crab or lobster taste-wise but they have a firmer texture. The flavor tends to be sweet, buttery, and delicate with salty seawater notes. Fresh scallops are snowy white with firm flesh and no fishy odor. They are very perishable and I prefer buying them from a trusted seafood market. They are the “candy of the sea” buttery and irresistible. I personally love them.

You can cook scallop with frozen vegetables: chopped paprika, potatoes and onions. Take them directly from refrigerator, prepare, leave them to defrost, cut and put into pan. Do not forget to stir the mixture, combine it with parsley and pepper. I cook the same garnish when make crusted chicken in oven.

All food is really more tasty with sauce. Shake the bottle before using and sauce will taste perfectly. Scallops with vegetable garnish is great for dinner and party, but you cant keep them for night, enjoy them immediately. Melt the cheese directly before serving. This dairy free dish is full of moist and saves it for short time covered with towel.