Do you know how to grill scallops? Many people think cooking scallops at home is intimidating and order them out in the restaurants instead. But in reality scallops are very easy to make in the comfort of your own home. They can be baked, broiled, seared to golden perfection and grilled with beautiful grilled marks!

I like grilling scallops!

This grilled scallops recipe is incredibly easy and there is a lot of protein in scallops. With summer approaching everyone wants to be outside grilling as much as possible. What about taking a break from a prosaic grilled chicken or steak and be creative and adventurous and grill delicious scallops instead. They are protein-rich, filling and nutritious. Scallops protein is very healthy! The flavor is delicately mild with sweet and salty seawater notes. They are the “candy of the sea” buttery and irresistible. I personally love them. Grilled scallop kebabs are an ultimate splurge.

And grilling is so simple. No fancy sauce to create and no big pile of dirty dishes to clean afterwards. They look so beautiful and appetizing with charred grilled marks on them. And taste even better!

Here is couple of tips how to achieve the most perfect grilled scallops.

It is one of the simplest grilled scallop recipes! Buy larger sized scallops. Sea scallops are ideal there should be around 10-15 per pound. To prepare the perfect scallop, you have to be selective-not all scallops are created equal. When shopping, look for “dry” or “natural” scallops, or those that are unprocessed and have nothing added to them after harvest. On the other hand, “wet” scallops are processed with a chemical called tripolyphosphate, which helps with preservation and water absorption to increase mass. However, these won’t cook as well, won’t caramelize, and are less flavorful. Prep them right with blotting the access moisture with paper towels and skip the marinade. If you opt up for a glaze apply at the very end. Cook them quickly on high heat. Here is the perfect grilled scallop recipe!

Avoid scallop overcooking and sticking, excessively overcooked or oiled seafood is not healthy. Scorched scallops are not good too, as well as raw. This is the case when hot and crisp doesn’t mean ready. Presoak it in marinade, plunk on grate or skewer, turn on other side with spatula and be careful with open fire. Skewered scallops are my favourite, I like also skewered flesh, buffalo for example. Do not cut scallops and cook serve freshly cooked ones. It is one of easiest kosher recipes.

You can use canola oil instead of olive one. Potato, unsweetened baking, tender spaghetti with fish or risotto with salmon can be a compliment to scallops. Salad with delicate arugula, several celery sticks, corn, creamy cheese, pepper, grapefruit and salt will be good for light lunch. Scallops are very appetizing served on plate generously sprinkled.