Scallops are one of the best types of seafood you can get and one of my favorite. They are slightly sweet and buttery. Very delicate, mild flavor is not fishy at all. They are the true “candy of the sea”. If you haven’t tried them you are really missing out, those buttery gems are to die for. The soft and springy texture is decadent – and they melt fabulously on your tongue if cooked just right.

Some people think, that frying on oil is unhealthy, even if you fry paprika, other vegetable, eggs or bread. But homemade scallops are perfect. You need to wait for oil absorbing and gently remove scallops from fire.

When water and moist are absorbed, salt the scallops and fry in breadcrumbs or flour. Cover bay scallops with oil, they must be dipped in it.

 And that’s is when it gets tricky. There is a special technique to cooking scallops the proper way. Overcook the scallops just a couple of minutes and they become tough and rubbery or burned. It is like throwing away your money.

Rinse the scallops first in cold water. Keep them with low temperature and prepare the rest ingredients. There are some variations of this recipe.

This recipe is a foolproof method for cooking scallops to the ultimate, caramelised perfection. Creamy, browned butter, tart lemon and white wine help to intensify the overall delicate flavors of scallops. High heat while searing created a tempting and appetizing golden crust on the outside keeping the scallops tender on the inside. They are fork tender and irresistible.

It is also important to buy fresh scallops from a respectable retailer that have not been treated with with STP (Sodium Tripolyphosphate). STP makes the scallop retain moisture and as much as you leave them on paper towels, they still have a problem with taste and browning.

Here is couple of tips how to achieve the most delicious seared scallops ever:

Make sure to pat the scallops dry. Any access moisture will interfere with forming the crust on the outside. The butter has to be smoking hot in your pan to give the scallops that beautiful sear. So do not overcrowd scallops and cook in batches. Make sure you do not turn scallops immediately before they caramelize. Serve them right away.

Scallops pair fantastically with almost anything. Vegetables, pasta or rice, or any other of your favorite sides. They are a fancy and elegant special occasion dish to surprise your loved ones. Scallops can be a weeknight wonder as easy. They are quick and simple to make, delicious and nutritious. Even the beginners can make them in a breezy time and effort.

Add chopped garlic, spoon of black pepper, seasoning tartar and other ingredients to make them spicy. I enjoy using spice in this mixture. The dish has fine brown crust a lot of juice and needs serving in bowl. I usually serve them warm with couple tablespoons mayonnaise or other sauce (shake it first), freshly bought baking, cups of milk before they chill. This food is also great with a cool cocktail.