If you choose to cook scallop here is the simple but definitely delicious recipe of how to use it. This food is lovely probably for dinner or for lunch.

Just put into one pot pasta and scallops. Together with fusilli or bucatini cooked in boiling water for just several minutes to keep them al dente it’s flavorful and tasty, inspired by the spirit of Italy, warm water, lobster or mussels. Add a little bit of garlic, sprinkle with parsley – it will be one of the happy meals, maybe even the happiest – who knows.

There is something magical about scallops-they are slightly sweet and buttery. The soft and springy texture is decadent – and they melt fabulously on your tongue if cooked just right. Scallops have a very delicate mild flavor that pairs well with almost anything.

I love an amazing pasta dish and seafood pastas are my guilty pleasure. This linguini scallops with lemon caper source are luxuriously rich, and pack a powerful flavor punch with every bite. Scallops is one of my favorite seafood. I love the taste, texture, just absolutely everything about them.

Lemon, capers, butter and white wine are the basic ingredients for the extraordinary source. It is tangy, savory and luscious but not overpowering at all. The pan seared scallops take the center stage. They caramelize beautifully when seared in butter on high heat. This searing technique adds to the complexity of flavors and creates an appetizing golden brown crust on scallops. Just make sure not to overcook your scallops. They get tough and rubbery.

When you cook with wine, you’re concentrating the wine flavors and evaporating most of the alcohol. Wine will really intensify the flavors of the sauce. Fuller whites with strong, oaky flavors, like some Chardonnays, don’t work as well for cooking. They’re lower in acidity and don’t lend as much punch as crisper wines. Crisp wines are especially good because of their bright citrus and green apple notes. I prefer using Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon blanc. The best part you get to enjoy a glass or two left over with your meal!

Linguine pasta will soak in all the lemony flavors of the sauce making it a truly restaurant worthy dish. Everyone will be raving about it begging you for the recipe.

It is very easy to make as well. This pasta will rival a five star restaurant meal, all cooked in the comfort of your own house. This dish is perfect for any special occasion or can be a true week night wonder. The only thing for sure, you will not be able to stop devouring it!