This is a super easy and delicious recipe for stuffed chicken breast. Just under 40 minutes you have a healthy, wholesome and satisfying meal on your plate. Perfect stuffed bbq chicken breast for busy weeknight dinners. Protein rich, lean chicken breast is stuffed with yummy concoction of cream cheese, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, chopped spinach and seasonings. Stuffed chicken recipes are the simplest.

All pretty basic, available ingredients that anyone has in the fridge. Mix them all together in a bowl for a scrumptious filling. What a great way to sneak in some spinach into your kids diets. We all know how hard it is to make them eat vegetables. It is so easy to integrate quinoa recipes in your repertoire.

The amount of filling is perfect for 4 chicken breasts. Slice a pocket on the side of the chicken like you would do if you were trying to butterfly it in half but stopping before you open the chicken up. Stuff your chicken chicken breasts with the mixture, pop them in the oven and that’s it! Can’t be more easier than this.

This recipe is very low carb and wholesomely delicious. It is also Keto diet friendly.

Chicken breast can be pretty bland and tough. But not with this succulent stuffing. Cream cheese is rich and luxurious, parmesan adds an ultimate savory flavor to an overall mildly tasting chicken. And spinach is a percent compliment to both. I love the balance of flavors. One of the best stuffed chicken breast recipes.

This stuffed chicken breast pair wonderfully with almost any side, from vegetables to rice to quinoa. This dish is sure to become an instant hit. Everyone loves it kids and adults alike. Enjoy!