Tarragon chicken is a wonderful example of a timeless French cuisine dish. Combining all the quitessential French ingredients like tarragon, white wine and cream, delicious sauce is created and the chicken is braised in it till perfection.

The combination of tarragon and chicken is just unbeatable. Tarragon is a leafy green herb widely used in French cuisine. Its distinctive yet subtle herbal flavor is particularly well suited to use with fish and chicken.

The unique but pleasantly delicate flavor – which has hints of anise – is never overwhelming to other flavors in this great dish. Fresh tarragon is preferred over dry on this dish. I pick mine up at out neighborhood farmers market when it is in season, it is so fragrant and elegant, and really enlivens the flavors of the sauce and chicken.

Cream adds a kiss of sweetness balancing out all the flavors. To make this delicious culinary delight is very easy and quick, it doesn’t require hours at the hot stove at all. Everything is ready in a short 30 minutes.

Start by browning the chicken in the pan. Then create the sauce by building the flavors using aromatics like shallots and garlic and the fond ( bits and pieces from the browned chicken), deglaze the pan with the wine, add cream and stock and simmer to thicken. You can add cornflour slurry to thicken if you wish. Return the chicken to the pan and add fresh tarragon. Let the chicken braise in the sauce to soak in all the delicious flavors.

This French culinary delight is suitable for any occasion, be it a fancy dinner party or just a weekend meal. Follow the steps below to make tarragon chicken.