Chicken breast sometimes considered to be safe and unexciting choice  for dinner but not this recipe. It is amazingly moist and juicy, perfectly baked in the oven chicken cutlets. Cutlets are pieces of chicken breast that have been pounded to a uniform  thickness to ensure even cooking.

Seasoning the chicken an essential step in making this dish fantastic. It adds lots of extra flavors and moisture to the chicken breast and helps to tenderize it.

This easy recipe is a true crowd pleaser. Everyone loves it, kids and adults alike.  It pairs great with anything from vegetables to potatoes  to rice. The meat of chicken breast is moist, flavorful and juicy and the recipe is super easy to make. Baked chicken cutlets  are sure to become your go-to recipe for chicken breasts from now on. It turns out fabulous every time.

Boneless, skinless  chicken breast cutlets can sometime be very tricky to make and with the wrong technique can become rubbery, dry and unpalatable. They  are entirely exposed to the heat during cooking which makes it harder to make perfectly cooked cutlets.

But with a couple of the helpful tips under your belt  and this foolproof recipe you get  chicken cutlets that are incredibly flavorful and so juicy and tender you’d think they had been brined. It is a light, nutritious and tasty offering. And here is the recipe of how to bake chicken cutlets.