My husband loves grilling during warm weather months, which is always in Florida. I make grilled chicken breasts all the time. They are delicious, protein-rich, healthy additions to many wonderful salads, pastas, tacos. Quick and convenient staples for lunches and dinners. They are also great dinner protein when served with a homemade sauce like piccata. And now I’m gonna tell you how to make the perfect grilled chicken breast.

Grilling chicken breasts can get a little bit tricky sometimes. When overcooked they tend to dry out, become chewy and tough. This one of the best no-fail recipes for quick grilled boneless chicken breast is absolutely flawless. Chicken comes out moist and juicy, with beautiful grilled marks every single time.

In order to achieve a perfectly grilled chicken breast there is a couple of necessary steps that need to be done.

First we need to flatten our chicken to even out the thickness of the breast. The thinner parts will cook faster and dry out while the center will still be raw if this step is not followed. Cut the chicken in halves width-wide, wrap them in plastic wrap and pound them evenly with meat tenderizer or a flat jar or glass.

I also recommend marinating your chicken. It helps with tenderizing the meat and locking all the moisture in. Use the combination of oil, acid, sugar and seasonings of your choice. Marinate also packs a powerful flavor punch and helps with caramelization of the chicken exterior, ensuring all the juices are locked inside. You can marinate your chicken anywhere from 1 -24 hours in the fridge.

How to grill chicken breast? Cooking times vary, depending on the thickness of the breasts, but it usually takes about 7-8 minuets on each side without disturbing and moving the chicken breast around, if you want those beautiful grilled marks.

This grilled chicken recipe is super easy and absolutely foolproof. Just under 20 minutes you will have mouthwatering chicken grilled to perfection on your plate. Enjoy!