🍗 This recipe for baked bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts will exceed all your expectations. The meat is moist, flavorful and juicy and the recipe is super easy to make. It is sure to become your go-to recipe for split chicken breasts from now on. It turns out fabulous every time.

Don’t be intimidated by cooking the breasts on the bone. This method is fail proof. Bones and skin on both sides of the chicken breast serve as heat protection for the tender meat inside when being baked. Boneless, skinless breasts are entirely exposed to the heat during cooking, and the bare meat turns rubbery as it dries out. Bones and crispy skin also intensify the flavors of chicken and create a textural contrast.

The overall mild taste of chicken becomes flavorful when the fat from the skin renders. I do recommend poking holes in the skin for fat to seep into the white meat. You can also pull back the skin while still keeping it attached and season the chicken meat. That ensures you don’t end up with the meat tasting bland.

The aroma that filled the kitchen as these are baking is a mouthwatering prelude of what is to come. Those chicken breasts are incredibly flavorful and so juicy and tender you’d think they had been brined.

I feel like chickens are bred to be much bigger than they used to be, and that means larger breast portions too that are harder to cook through without drying  them out. You can buy organic young chicken breasts that are smaller or cut the chicken into pieces. First remove the attached rib section then cut breasts into 2-3 pieces. I also use baking powder to elevate the crispiness of he skin for the better texture.

I slice  the baked chicken breasts up and drizzle them with the pan juices upon serving. You can serve them with any of your favorite sides. I did with Golden Potato and herb bake and fresh steamed broccoli. It is a light, nutritious and tasty offering.