Chicken Kiev is a very popular eastern European dish. To make a classic chicken Kiev, chicken breast is pounded flat, while cold rolled and wrapped around also cold herb butter, then the outside of the chicken log is coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs. The stuffed parcel is then baked or fried to a golden perfection.

This recipe for the Chicken Kiev is modified and simplified and is easier and quicker to make with the same result. The chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside, sizzling with melted herb butter and juice, and bursting with flavors when you slice into it. It takes less time to cook since it is flat and not rolled and the butter doesn’t have to be cold.

Instead of pounding the chicken we simply slice the chicken breasts in hand lengthwise. Then we create a pocket in each breast to hold the butter by cutting into it as deep as possible and folding and pinching the meat to close it. The parcel is then dredged in flour, dipped in egg and coated with breadcrumbs.

Coating serves as an insulator sealing the moisture inside the chicken and helps it to maintain an even, constant temperature. Chicken is shallow fried and only takes 4 minutes per side.

Once you cut into the crispy cutlet the melted, fragrant butter sizzles out emitting amazing aromatic smell. Dip the chicken into the butter for the most heavenly taste. Follow the steps below for the easy Chicken Kiev recipe.