This is a quick and easy recipe for the crockpot shredded chicken, that will be a life saver during hectic work week meal prep. I always have shredded chicken in the fridge for an array of simple recipes I can just put together in a breeze, when I am in a rush and do not have time spending hours in the kitchen.

This chicken is tender, moist and perfectly cooked. It can be used in absolutely anything from sandwiches, to chicken salads, quesadillas, chicken noodles soup, casseroles, pasta and tacos. Basically any of your dishes that require cooked chicken, you  are covered if you have this shredded chicken sitting in your fridge.

To make crockpot chicken is so easy on the brain, basic. Simply add the chicken and stock to the slow cooker together with seasonings and walk away. It cooks itself, I am obsessed with the convenience of the crockpot.

You can use both boneless, skinless chicken breasts and thighs. I usually simply shred it with the forks after it is done, and it is so much easier not to have to deal with the bones. I also keep the seasonings to the minimum. This way you can dress up the chicken according to the dish that you are making.

This shredded chicken is an amazing shortcut when preparing meals through out the week. Make it once and use all week, it is very versatile and simple to make. Follow the steps below for crockpot chicken recipe.