I make grilled chicken breasts all the time. They are delicious, protein-rich, healthy additions to many wonderful salads, pastas, tacos, quesadillas. Quick and convenient staples for lunches and dinners. They are also great dinner protein when served with a homemade sauce like piccata.

Grilling chicken breasts can get a little bit tricky sometimes. The meat itself has very little flavor and is very lean. When overcooked they tend to dry out, become chewy and tough.

This no-fail grilled chicken breast recipe is absolutely flawless and my favorite go-to recipe. Chicken comes out moist and juicy, packed with fragrant flavors from the marinade and with beautiful grilled marks every single time. This recipe is quick and easy, doesn’t require any extensive prep work and will not leave you with a pile of dirty dishes to clean up afterward. You marinate the chicken breasts right in the ziplock and then toss the bag away. Very convenient.

Like I mentioned chicken breasts can come out pretty dry and bland. To guarantee this will not happen there is a simple algorithm that you need to follow.

First we need to flatten our chicken to even out the thickness of the breast. The thinner outer corners will cook faster and dry out while the center will still be raw if this step is not followed. Cut the chicken in halves width-wide, wrap them in plastic wrap and pound them evenly with meat tenderizer or a flat jar or glass to a uniform 1/2 inch thickness.

Marinate the chicken in olive oil, lots of pressed garlic, dried herbs and lemon zest. All those aromatic flavors will really amp up the taste of the chicken. Last grill chicken on high heat to ensure beautiful grilled marks. When chicken breasts are pounded they only take about 2-3 minuses per side.This grilling technique is very simple and grilled chicken comes out delicious and succulent every time! Enjoy!