In this section we have gathered the recipes for the most delicious and original American cuisine dishes for the whole family and every taste. You will be surprised how such simple dishes can taste so amazing. Your cooking will rival a trained professional chef!

Gluten free cookies

This chocolate chip cookie recipe is so  good no-one will ever know the cookies are gluten-free. They are soft, chewy, perfect velvety texture,  oozing with melty chocolate chips.

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies 🍪

As a supporter of healthy eating I love a good wholesome cookies recipe. These Keto peanut butter cookies are no exception. With just three simple ingredients these cookies are the perfect example of clean eating.

Apple Cookies 🍪

These apple cookies are basically old fashioned oatmeal cookies with chopped apple thrown in. They are soft and chewy and filled to the brim with apples. Perfect for fall when you can simply smell the fragrance of apples in the air.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies 🍪

For all the chocolate, cookies and peanut butter lovers out there there is nothing better then chocolate peanut butter cookies. Soft, chocolate cookies with melty peanut butter centers oozing out. They are divine.

Pumpkin Pie 🍰

Pumpkin pie is a dish almost no fall festivities can do without. Try this recipe for a foolproof, delicious and beautiful pumpkin pie variety. Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

Cherry Pie 🍰

A timeless classic made simple. This cherry pie can be made with frozen cherries and store bought pie crust and it will taste absolutely decadent. A perfect dessert for holiday season!

Corn Bread 🍰

Cornbread is a traditional bread we all love to see on the table during holiday season. This recipe offers a simple, old-fashioned way to bake great cornbread.

Apple Pie 🍰

A traditional apple pie recipe with all the secrets to make it absolutely perfect uncovered. A great dessert for an apple season!

Lemon Meringue Pie 🍰

This Lemon Meringue pie is soo good, we never have any leftovers and actually fight over the last piece. The combination of fresh lemony filling, flakey crust and softest fluffy meringue is perfect!


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