When I think southern desserts booze-laden sweet pecan pies always come to mind. This pie is exactly that. It has everything a proper pecan pie should have and the addition of bourbon gives it an unforgettable flavor.

If you’re looking for an easy pecan pie recipe with a bit of a twist to create an absolutely decadent dessert, look no further. 

If you’re worried about the alcohol in your dessert, there are two possible ways to go. One, use the ratios I provide below. During the baking process the alcohol itself evaporates, leaving behind only the flavor of bourbon. Two, you can add extra bourbon after the baking by sprinkling it over the pie. You’ll have to let the pie sit and rest for a few hours and it will be slightly boozy, so I would definitely not recommend it to kids or to adults who are planning on driving after eating it.

You can make your own pie crust for this pie – just use any trusted recipe, or buy a ready-made one. The rest is really all about the making process and there’s only one tip to give. When you cook the filling, mix it well and all the time to prevent any lumps from forming.

Serve this pie with vanilla ice cream or a whipped cream topping, and – a couple of fingers of bourbon on a weekend evening!