I’ve never actually considered pineapples a good material for pie-making. Cakes, yes, maybe, but pies? They are just to juicy and maybe a bit to tart. 

But then I tried a pineapple pie at a friends’ house, made with canned pineapples to boot, and I realized that they are actually a perfect filling for pies. Cheap, accessible, with a good sweet and tart taste.

This is a double crust pie, because the filling is a bit runny, no matter how much cornstarch you put into it. There are a few recommendations I’d give to make the baking of this pie easier and the result better. One, if you’re making the pie crust from scratch, knead it well so it’s smooth and won’t break easily. I’d also make the bottom crust a bit thicker than regular, to hold all the liquid in the filling well.

If you’re making the pastry from scratch, try adding grated lemon or lime zest for an extra boost of flavor. Also depending on how much liquid you want in the filling, you can measure out the amount of syrup from the pineapple can to go with the filling. I’ve given an average ratio below.

Now this is the kind of pie you can make a very pretty plated crust for. If you want an old country style to go with the flavor, it’s good not to skip this step. Other than that, the recipe steps are pretty simple. Just follow the walkthrough below!

Serve this pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a whipped topping and you’ll have yourself a grand dessert.