This traditional Italian dish is often served at family celebrations and holiday meals in Italy. 

Made with light and creamy ricotta cheese, vanilla and a dozen eggs, it’s a delicious combination of a sweet crust, a creamy custard and whatever toppings you wish to add to it, such as chocolate shavings or lemon zest.

This crust is made from scratch and I very much recommend saving the crust recipe, as it’s one of the best, easiest and fail proof crust recipes I know of. I use it for many other pies I bake. 

The great thing about this pie is that you don’t have to bake the crust and the filling separately. Saves a lot of time and creates a pie that is very smooth. Some people have wondered about the quantity of eggs used in this pie. Well, first, this ration yields two pies, and second, the eggs are probably the best binding agent and any puddings or custards based on eggs are absolutely divine in terms of texture.

You can make this an open pie or cover it with a design made with the help of cookie cutters or just plaited dough strips, this is especially great if you’re cooking it for a seasonal celebration. A Christmas tree dough shape will look lovely as a decoration, if you’re serving this on Christmas eve. Kids love such things.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, just follow the easy walkthrough below!