Chicken is a staple protein that I add to my salads, pasta, tacos or eat on its own with vegetables all the time. Sautéed chicken is very easy to make and always comes out delicious.

This  sautéed chicken  is a plain canvas. You can make your chicken as bare or as intricate as you wish. Add herbs and seasonings for a more complex flavor. You can also marinate it before hand using a combination of oil, acid, sugar and spices to amp up the flavors even more.

For this recipe you can use chicken breast or thigh  boneless and skinless. I prefer thighs because they are more flavorful due to the higher fat content and also fuss free, it is almost impossible to mess them up and dry out.

Chicken is marinated in a homemade Italian dressing and then quickly sautéed on the pan.

The longer you marinate the chicken the more flavor it absorbs. Marinating also helps with tenderizing the chicken and building up the moisture which is essential when cooking chicken breast that tends to dry out. The marinade is a simple combination of white wine vinegar, olive oil, aromatic garlic, dijon mustard and dried Italian herbs.  It also doubles as a dressing for your side salad for the chicken.

To sauté the chicken, simply add oil to the pan and cook on each side about 5-7 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. Follow the steps below to make sautéed chicken.