Ground chicken burger is a delicious and healthy alternative to a regular beef burger. It is flavorful, moist and absolutely mouthwatering  if you make it according to  this wonderful recipe.

Put a stop to a flavorless, dry hockey packs of chicken burgers with this recipe. These are tender and moist thanks to a couple of not so secret ingredients. And very easy to make. Combine all of the burger ingredients in a bowl,  gently  mix with your hands and grill.

The key ingredients to keep the burgers moist are the mayo, lemon juice and breadcrumbs. I also add fresh herbs like chives and oregano to add an unbeatable freshness and aromatic garlic to add more depth and richness to the taste.

Serve these ground chicken patties with your favorite toppings on wholesome buns and homemade aioli for a scrumptious meal that everyone will love. These chicken burgers are healthy, nutritious and very satisfying.

I like the chicken burgers grilled, bbq method gives them an amazing charred flavor and beautiful grill marks. But you can also use a grill pan or frying pan to make them. Cook for about 4 minutes per side or until the internal temperature reaches 165 F.

Chicken burgers are inexpensive but tasty way to bring variety into your beef burger routine. They are perfect for bbq parties and get togethers, and are always a huge hit. Serve with your favorite healthy sides and get ready to hear the aahs and wows of admiration for your cooking skills.

Follow the steps below  to make ground chicken burgers.