Easy and delicious one pot week night wonder, lemon rosemary chicken with potatoes is a complete meal that is flavorful and virtually cooks itself. With minimal prep and clean up this dish is perfect for a hectic work week dinner.

The dish is simplicity at its best, once you take a bite of the succulent, fragrant chicken and potatoes you will not be able to believe how easy it is to make. This dish is guaranteed to excite your taste buds and become a regular on your table.

Potatoes and chicken pieces are arranged in a baking sheet and covered in an aromatic but simple marinade. Olive oil, garlic, rosemary and lemon juice are the basic ingredients for the sauce that everyone probably already has on their hands.

For this dish I recommend using bone on skin on chicken for the best results. Chicken skin will render off the fat infusing the potatoes with the most intense, rich chicken flavors. These are the best potatoes you can possibly have. Bones also aid in a deeper flavor of the chicken.

You can also amp up the flavors of the dish by adding other delicious ingredients to it like marinated artichoke, red or green peppers, different herbs like thyme instead of rosemary and other varieties of root veggies like carrots, parsnips or sweet potatoes instead of the red potatoes.

Follow the steps below to make lemon rosemary chicken roast.