There is nothing better then a delicious chicken roast for dinner. And there is nothing easier than making the whole chicken for dinner in a slow cooker. Chicken is rubbed with fragrant spice blend and is slow roasted on top of a bed of vegetables. The drippings are used to create mouthwatering gravy to come with the chicken.

The chicken meat is extremely tender and juicy and the vegetables are very flavorful from all the fat that renders from the chicken. The recipe is as easy as to just simply throw everything in a slow cooker and walk away, just to come back to the kitchen smelling like the dinner is ready.

If you’re a fan of crispy browned skin you can easily achieve it with one optional step . Simply brush the skin with olive oil, and then broil the chicken until beautiful amber brown. Same goes for the vegetables, place them under a broiler for a few minutes to dry out.

Chicken is cooked at a slow moist heat as the crock pot simmers and steams the meat at 209ºF. This method is especially great for the dark meat as the hot moisture helps to tenderize the connective tissue in the legs and thighs and turn the gelatin into collagen.

Turn this collages rich liquid into luxurious gravy by thickening it with the roux( mixture of butter and flour) and serve drizzled over the carved meat.

Follow the steps below to slow roast the whole chicken.