I am addicted to the convenience of an instant pot.  It really makes dinner time enjoyable. Everything cooks in half the time and the instant pot technique is absolutely effortless and fuss free.

Delicious and flavorful chicken legs ( drumsticks) are ready in half an hour, way less that it would take to bake them in the oven. Give your chicken thighs a generous rub in a fragrant spice mix and pressure cook for  15 short minutes.

Once you master cooking in an instant pot you may never go back. I love how quick instant pot cooks the chicken especially when you are in a rush.

This method is labour-saving and quick I rarely cook my chicken legs any other way. It is absolutely foolproof. Chicken comes out moist and tender, never overcooked or weird textured.

If you a fan of crispy skin like I am there is a simple additional step to achieve the best amber brown crunchy skin. Place chicken legs on a foil-lined baking sheet sprayed with non-stick spray under the broiler for a couple of minutes per side, to ensure delicious crispy skin.

And you can enliven the flavors of the chicken with so many sauces, spices and seasoning combinations. In this recipe I have a combination of smoked paprika and garlic powder with salt and pepper,  but you can really use any that suit your personal palette. Chicken meat is mildly and delicately flavored and pairs beautifully with so many different tastes, fragrances and aromas.

Follow the steps to make chicken legs in an instant pot.