Easy Recipes

10 best easy recipes. Tired of cooking easy the same way all the time? Here are a few choice recipes that will blow your mind!

There are countless recipes out there, and it may become challenging picking just a few. Based on our experience weโ€™ve chosen 10 select recipes that have proven to be a hit with our users. Enjoy and search no further!ย 

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10 Best Easy Recipes. We Bet Easy Can Surprise You!

After an exhausting day at college or work, the last thing you need is spending hours in the kitchen cooking dinner. Thanks to these quick dinner ideas and easy food recipes, dinner can be cooked and served in just 30 minutes whether you want a classic Thai takeout or an American style fried chicken with potato salad.

Turkey Pot Pie

This turkey pot pie is a perfect way to utilize leftovers and a complete meal all of its own. It has it all - tender lean mean, a large handful of vegetable, delicious gravy and a crumbly bread crust. View Recipe

Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

As a supporter of healthy eating I love a good wholesome cookies recipe. These Keto peanut butter cookies are no exception.ย With just threeย simple ingredients these cookies are the perfect example of clean eating. View Recipe

Peach Cobbler With Cake Mix

Peach cobbler cake is a universal all-time favorite that is great for any occasions, but especially for a large family gathering. Easy and fast to make, it is an unageing classic dessert. View Recipe

Cabbage Lasagna

If you love cabbage you simply must try this dish. This amazing dish is a fun mashup of lasagna and stuffed cabbage. Layers of cabbage leaves and made from scratch meat sauce with melty mozzarella cheese and topped with marinara sauce. This lasagna is as tasty as it sounds. View Recipe

Veggie Omelette

There is no better way to start the day then with this easy but mighty healthy veggie omelet I really love the combination of vibrant fresh vegetables and savory eggs. This omelet makes a complete wholesome meal that is boosting with nutrients. Veggie Omelette ๐Ÿณ

Gluten Free Cake

This wonderful gluten-free chocolate cake is a great alternative for those of us you need to stick to a gluten-free diet and still crave a baked sweet goodie. Itโ€™s simple, itโ€™s fast, itโ€™s good for you. View Recipe

Shrimp Soup

Nourishing and satisfying this creamy coconut milk and tomato based shrimp soup will guarantee you comfort on a cold weather day. Easy and quick comes together in a breezy 30 minutes. View Recipe

Cheese Sauce

This cheese sauce if a huge hit with everyone. Melty, velvety cheese is a great compliment to delicate vegetables and pastas. Everyone loves this creamy, silky smooth, cheesy sauce goodness. View Recipe

Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta

If you are a spicy food enthusiast like me you will absolutely love this bang bang shrimp pasta. Delicious, creamy bang bang sauce packs a powerful spicy bite and a ton of flavor. Comforting fettuccine pasta is a perfect compliment to the robust sauce, soaking up all the mouthwatering savor. View Recipe

Coconut Shrimp Sauce

But what really takes coconut shrimp to the next level for me is definitely a dipping sauce. One of my personal favorites is sweet chili sauce. There is just something magical about the combination of savory, crispy, delicately flavored coconut shrimp and bold tasting sweetness of the chili sauce. View Recipe